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Responsibilities of Catholic School Trustees

Our Catholic trustees have responsibilities that are distinct. They work to further the mission of the Catholic Church and Catholic education in the following ways:

»  Acting as a witness to our faith

»  Understanding the purpose, history, and distinctive contribution of Catholic education in Ontario 

»  Promoting, protecting and advocating for Catholic education

»  Articulating the system's Catholic mission and vision

»  Providing governance and policies inspired by the values and traditions of the Catholic faith and the principles of democratic and accountable governance

»  Appointing, holding accountable and supporting the Director of Education who is an authentic and effective Catholic leader

»  Ensuring that administrative structures, operational procedures and employee practices reflect the Board mission and vision

» Providing Christian stewardship of human and financial resources

»  Establishing authentic religious education programming and faith formation activities for students

»  Establishing a climate supportive of faith community

»   Monitoring student realization of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations

»  Monitoring the implementation and realization of the Board's mission and vision

»  Building significant partnerships within and beyond the Catholic community in support of Catholic education

These responsibilities are outlined in more detail in the booklets Our Catholic Trustees - Stewards of Faith and  Catholic Trustees:  Advocates, Guardians & Stewards of Catholic Education.