Resources for Students

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HSTRY logo 
HSTRY is a free digital learning tool that allows students to collaborate and engage in creating interactive timelines.  Students could make timelines in one or two languages.

rewordify could help ELLs read, learn and understand more words in all subject areas.  Students can enter sentences or whole chapters into the yellow box and they will instantly see an easier version using simpler or more familiar vocabulary.  Students can click the yellow text to hear and learn the more difficult word.
 duolingo logo

Duolingo is a free language learning and crowd sourced text translation platform.  It offers ELLs extensive written lessons and dictation, with speaking practice for more advanced users.  It has a gamified skill tree that users can progress through and a vocabulary section where learned words can be practiced. A great tool, but it cannot replace rich, responsive interaction and support of a trained teacher.

 ted talks logo Engage intermediate-senior students with the world itself.  Why not use these short powerful talks (18 minutes of less) to engage ELLs in learning of all subjects - from science to business to life stories to global issues?  Ted Talks come with subtitles (in about 100 languages) including English.  Use English subtitles for STEP 3-6 ELLs if their language is not available.  English language learning for all students is a life long skill.

arbordale image   Sylvan-Dell e-books offers a long list of fiction and non-fiction picture books in English and Spanish.  Audio files are included in both English and Spanish.  Great resource for primary aged Spanish speaking students at school and home.
 unite for literacy  Unite for Literacy offers young ELLs online access to a free global library of picture books that can be read in English and listened to an ever growing number of languages.  Excellent resource for use at home by K-2 ELLs.

 britannica image This on-line encyclopedia has levelled articles that can be easily translated within the site.  A great research tool for English language learners from grade 2-12.

Lingro is a free multilingual online dictionary and language learning site for J/I/S students at STEP 1-4. Students or teachers can enter a web address, the site will be entered in the Lingro site.  Then ELLs can click on any word on the site to have it translated or defined in English via Lingro. Students can add the new words to a word list to print, practice later or make flashcards with.

Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you quickly create and share an animated Gami video.  An easy to use app to allow students of all ages to be creative and to use their own voice in any language to share information in a short video. 
CLIPS is an Interactive activities developed by Ontario Ministry of Education and grounded in research.  A great site students and teachers can use to teach or review math concepts from K-12.

Scholastic BookFlix  is an online literacy resource that pairs classic fictional video storybooks from Weston Woods with related non-fiction eBooks from Scholastic.  It uses colourful animation, rich audio, interactive games
.  A great resource for young students learning to read in English.

word reference
Word Reference is an on-line translation dictionary for language pairs.  Excellent site for students who can read and write in another language.  A great resource to explain homonyms and some idioms.



ScribJab is a multilingual tool to create and share digital stories in 2 different languages.  Students can write a story, draw pictures and record their voice in two languages.  Students can also read books written by other students in a variety of languages from across the country.  This tool can be used on and iPad or computer.

making good choices -ERGO
Check out the Financial Literacy Readers for students created by ERGO!

These leveled readers include a guided reading lesson and a 3 part math lesson for each book for teachers to use with their intermediate/senior students who are new to the country.

 digital library website International Children's Digital Library
This digital collection includes 4642 books in 61 languages.  It has books for kindergarten students, up to high school.  Students do have to read in their first language to enjoy these books on-line.

 tumble books library The TumbleBook Library offers a wide variety of picture books in English and Spanish.  A great resource to share with children and their parents who speak Spanish. 
 barrie library

A wide variety of multilingual resources are available to share with parents regarding education in Ontario schools on

The Newcomer's Guide to Elementary School in Ontario
The Newcomer's Guide to Secondary School in Ontario