Supporting Catholic Education

The Ontario Catholic Schools Trustees' Association have developed useful resources outlining the importance and value of Catholic education. We encourage you to visit their web site at or take a look at their summary report A Discussion on Ontario's Catholic Schools and Their Future and their brochure Catholic Schools – Nurturing the Spirit of Faith and Learning

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Why is declaring yourself a Catholic school supporter so important?

  • School support is an indicator the government uses to determine overall support for and strength of a publicly funded Catholic school system

  • As a registered Catholic school supporter, you have the opportunity to elect trustees who will represent and address your interests and concerns at our school board and various levels of government

  • It ensures that our board’s assessment roll is accurate which provides a public record of the extent of support in our board

  • It also helps track demographics trends for educational planning purposes

Do you need to have children enrolled in school to be a Catholic school supporter?

No...even if you don’t have school-aged children, we urge you to check the support designation on your property tax bill to verify that you are a registered Catholic school supporter.

How can you declare yourself as a Catholic school supporter?

Please call (705)722-3555 and ask to speak to our assessment officer to find out more information about your current tax support designation. If you would like to declare yourself as a Catholic school supporter, please complete the attached forms and return them to your school or MPAC.

Will my direction of tax support change if a move?

If you move (either as a homeowner or tenant), or change the deed to your home, you must re-designate your tax support to ensure you are designated as a separate school supporter. With every move or change of deed, your support reverts back to “public.” We encourage all homeowners or tenants to check their designation on their property tax bill to ensure the are listed as an “English separate” school supporter.

Tenants can contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation at 1-866-296-6722 to determine the designation for their dwelling.