Eco Brochure
Our students and staff participate in environmental action and make ongoing commitments to actively care for God's creation. Whether it is our Plant Department's dedication to reducing heat, hydro and water consumption or one of our schools achieving the stringent EcoSchools certification, we are involved in a wide range of environmental initiatives.

Our students are the key to change. They have the knowledge and the power. They understand that every small step forward is a step towards making a difference. 

Many of our schools participate in the Ontario EcoSchools Initiative which is an environmental education designed by school board across the province. It shows our students that they can reduce energy use and minimize waste at school and in their lives at home.

Some of the green initiatives our schools are participating in are
- Foley Catholic School Solar Wall
- Wind Turbine Project
- Encouraging litterless lunches
- Planting trees
- Recycling printer and toner cartridges

Please view the links below to learn more about our green initiatives: