Brightspace Parent & Guardian

Brightspace for Parents & Guardians is a tool that allows teachers to provide insight into your child's learning journey and progress, whether it be in the classroom or in an online course throughout the year. You must have a Home2School Connect account to access Brightspace for Parents & Guardians and will only see information that the classroom teacher chooses to share. This tool is accessible through your Home2School Connect account page, by clicking on Brightspace links found on your child's school webpage or on the SMCDSB main board page, or by clicking here: Brightspace for Parents & Guardians. To learn more about how to register for Home2School Connect, click here: Registering for Home2School Connect.
Learn how to access Brightspace for Parents & Guardians in the video below.

If your child’s teacher is using Brightspace in the classroom or through online eLearning, the information below is available to you as a parent when you sign up for Brightspace for Parents & Guardians. Particular information is only available if your child’s teacher is using the corresponding tool in the Brightspace platform. Your child’s teacher may not use all of these tools in their Brightspace classroom. 

  1. Assignments, due dates, and overdue notices
  2. Grades
  3. Items uploaded to your child's Brightspace Portfolio
  4. Posts from the teacher to the Activity Feed

Brightspace Parent and Guardian Class Dashboard

If you have more than one child whose teachers are using Brightspace, you can access each child’s information within the same space from the Brightspace for Parents & Guardians landing page:

Brightspace Parent and Guardian Student Dashboard View

Get Automatic Notifications

In addition to desktop access, you can download the Brightspace Pulse app in order to view the same information on your smart phone. Through the Pulse app, notifications of activity within your child's Brightspace classroom are sent directly to your phone. You can then review the activity directly from the app. Get the Pulse app for iOS or Android.