Becoming a Parent Volunteer 
Parent volunteers are one of a school’s greatest resources. Taking an interest in your child’s school as a volunteer is beneficial for a number of reasons. Our volunteers help organize events, raise money and assist teachers in classrooms. They help schools achieve goals, enhance educational experiences and plan for the future.   

What are the different ways to volunteer?
Traditional Volunteering – includes assisting in the classroom, supervising on field trips, and helping librarians or other school staff.

Organizing School Events for Students – assisting with special meals or lunches, e.g., hot dog or pizza days or planning specific events that are aimed at enriching the learning experiences for children.

Organizing School Events for Parents (or the Community) – includes school liturgies, concerts, art shows, guest speakers and expanded meet-the-teacher nights.

Fundraisers – this includes organizing a wide range of activities such as a school Mass, bake sales, selling muffin mix or planning a school barbecue.

Connecting to Community Resources – parents will often volunteer to use their role within the community to benefit students. They could introduce the school to new organization, e.g., art gallery or theatre, or provide access to new community resources.

Participating on School Council – parents can be elected to sit on the Catholic School Community Council (CSCC). In this role, parents will work as a part of team to make recommendations to the principal and/or our school Board on any matter they believe is relevant. Principals and the Board will also consult councils on a variety of matters that affect student learning. For more information about this volunteer opportunity, take a look at our link on Catholic School Community Council.