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Our board is extremely pleased to share its Multi-year Strategic Plan - 2021 - 2026.  This plan will shape the future of Catholic education in our Board and guide us as we make decisions about faith-filled learning in our schools. Our strategic plan includes new vision and mission statements which help form our identity and serve as the foundation for our strategic priorities and goals. 

Our Vision: 
Our Faith. Our Students. Our Future.

Our Mission:
Faithfully, inclusively and equitably, we inspire every student to realize their God-given potential.

Guiding Principle:
Guided by our Catholic faith, these priorities are achieved through the effective stewardship of resources,
and by consistently reviewing, revising and reporting our progress.

Priority One: Fostering Well-being

mental health and well beingFostering Well-Being

A culture of spiritual, physical, social-emotional and mental wellness. 

Strategic Goals

  • Improve access to resources that support the mental health, well-being and spiritual  development of students, staff and families

  • Strengthen relationships and build partnerships between students, staff, families and  community partners to reduce stigma, create safe spaces and foster confidence

Priority Two: Strengthening Equity and Inclusion

equity and inclusionStrengthening Equity and Inclusion

Communities that welcome, accept and provide opportunities for everyone.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop trusting and respectful relationships through equitable and inclusive practices  and by identifying, addressing and preventing systemic barriers and discrimination  through a human rights informed approach

  • Foster deeper understandings through education; First Nation, Métis, and Inuit ways of knowing;  continuous learning; community and cultural responsiveness; and the acceptance of  difference and diversity

Priority Three: Nurturing Engagement and Learning

nurturing engagement and learningNurturing Engagement and Learning

Communities who grow through partnership, innovation and continuous improvement.

Strategic Goals

  • Engage in transformational and intentional evidence-based teaching and learning  strategies

  • Develop meaningful partnerships between students, parents/guardians and  educators

Priority Four: Developing Leaders

developing leadersDeveloping Leaders

Individuals who will shape our future.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop and implement a framework for servant leadership that takes into account  the diverse needs of all of the communities we serve  

  • Invest in leadership competency opportunities focused on individual growth and value to the organization, and which are aligned with our Catholic faith.