The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board establishes school catchment areas for students and families within specific boundaries. These boundaries are determined following a consultation process with key stakeholders in the school’s geographic area.

Occasionally, it is necessary to review school boundaries in order to establish a new school or to alleviate accommodation pressures in an existing area.

With the construction of a new Catholic elementary school in Alliston and the new replacement of St. Charles Catholic School in Bradford West Gwillimbury, the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board has initiated a boundary review process for both areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to do a boundary review?

When populations grow and enrolment increases or new schools are opening, boundary reviews are necessary in order to better balance enrolment and relieve capacity pressures within the affected schools.

Which schools are affected by the current boundary review?

The following schools in Alliston and Bradford are currently involved in a boundary review process:

  • Monsignor J.E. Ronan Catholic School
  • St. Paul's Catholic School
  • Father F.X. O'Reilly Catholic School


  • St. Angela Merici Catholic School
  • St. Charles Catholic School
  • St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic School
  • St. Marie of the Incarnation Catholic School
  • St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School

What is the boundary review process?

The SMCDSB planning department routinely considers enrolment/capacity or other issues that may require further discussion or consideration for a boundary review.

If it is determined that a boundary review is necessary, the process will be initiated by the Board's planning department in consultation with the the area's Superintendent of Student Achievement (or designate). A Boundary Review Committee is also established  to determine the best ways to alleviate accommodation pressures in the affected area.

Establishment of Boundary Review Committee to be comprised of:

  • School Superintendent (Chair)

  • Area Trustee(s)

  • Principal(s)

  • Planning

  • Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium (SCSTC)

  • Catholic School Community Council Chairs

 The Boundary Review Committee (BRC) committee is advisory in nature, and is meant to represent the affected schools of a School Boundary Review process. To meet this objective, BRC has parent representation from each of the affected schools and acts are the official conduit for information between the committee and the community. The task of the BRC is to review potential options and provide objective feedback that represents the interests of all involved parties.

The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board will host a public input session as well as utilize a survey tool to consult with affected families and gather input.

Final recommendations will be presented to the board of the Trustees for approval.

What information is available at the open house?

  • Review background information
  • Review proposed boundary options
  • Opportunity for public input

How can communities participate and provide comments?

Parents, guardians, and other stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide feedback on options and implementation recommendations through a survey tool. Written comments can also be sent through the input form on the boundary review website.  A Public Input Session will be taking place virtually the first week of February. Comments will be compiled and shared with the Boundary Review Committee.

Have any boundary change decisions already been made?

No. The Board of Trustees will decide on any changes to school boundaries on February 24, 2022.  

When will boundary changes take effect?

Some boundary changes may take effect September 2022.

Will boundary exemptions be considered once the new boundaries are implemented?

When considering boundary exemptions, the Board will follow Policy GP-15 School Boundaries and Boundary Exemptions.

Accommodation for pupils within the defined boundary of a school must be given first priority.  Therefore, a school experiencing overcrowding or anticipating significant growth must be restrictive in the number of students permitted from outside the school boundary.

Can families request to stay at their current school instead of moving to a different school?

When a decision to change a school boundary occurs, students are expected to transfer to the school designated to their location, subject to any specific provisions that may be determined through the boundary review.

Where do new families to the area register?

As no decisions have been made on changes to school boundaries yet, please register your child at the school in your current boundary. Should school boundaries change after you register your child, you will be notified of the change and any necessary information for your new school will be provided.

How will this impact transportation?

The Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium (SCSTC) will conduct a complete on-site review to confirm walk zones for each school following SMCDSB Policy GP-13 - Transportation, which is estimated to be complete in the Spring of 2022.

Walking Students: All students within the walk zone to the affected schools will be notified in early June 2022.

Transported Students: All student outside the walk zone to the affected schools will be provided anticipated busing information in early June 2022

Will my child qualify for transportation?

As per the SMCDSB’s Transportation Policy, GP-13, students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 are eligible for busing if they reside in the school boundary and reside further than 1.6 km from the school. 

Are there Before and After School child care programs at all of the area schools?

Yes, a Before and After School Program is offered at all Catholic elementary schools in the review areas.
In addition, new child care centres will be opening at the new Alliston Catholic Elementary School and the St. Charles replacement school.

What are the bell times at the boundary review area schools?

Father F.X. O'Reilly - 9:20 am - 3:40 pm
Monsignor J.E. Ronan  - 8:30am - 2:50 pm
St. Paul's- 9:00 am - 3:20 pm

St. Angela Merici - 8:40 am - 3:00 pm
St. Charles - 8:45 am - 3:05 pm
St. Jean de Brebeuf - 8:45 am - 3:05 pm
St. Marie of the Incarnation - 8:50 am  -  3:10 pm
St. Teresa of Calcutta - 8:50 am - 3:10 pm

How are enrolment projections created?

Enrolment projections are created by utilizing existing enrolment, housing development, student retention rates and demographic data.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an additional dimension to historical trends related to movement within the province and increasing housing prices. 

Projections are also informed by municipal planning processes such as official and secondary plans, internal analysis, experiences of other school boards and county population forecasts.

How are study areas determined?

Study areas are determined by reviewing natural separations such as collector roads or highways, railways, environmental features, walk zones and population growth areas, along with analyzing the number of students both current and projected to create feasible option scenarios while minimizing the impact to existing students as much as possible.

What does capacity (Cap in the projection tables) refer to?

On the Ground Capacity (OTG) is the rated capacity for all elementary and secondary facilities of a school board (number of students the permanent structure can accommodate).