Q&A: Special Education

special ed

What support are you providing to help transition my child back to school?

*Updated - August 19

We know that our students who have special education needs will need extra support and resources for a smooth transition back to school.

It is recognized that some of our students with special education needs require the support of Educational Assistants to successfully navigate the school environment.  Students who require a high level of support for their attendant care or safety needs related to a disability, will be able to attend school full time.  It is important that these students attend school each day so that routines can be established.  For students that meet this criteria, the school based teams will be reaching out to families prior to September 8 to discuss a transition plan.

We are providing families with this Special Education Fact Sheet which provides some greater detail about the plans that we are putting in place for September to support our students with special education needs. It is important to note that this document is still in its draft format and we are continuing to work through details of the plan.