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August 28th Update

We have made the decision to delay our start of in-class learning by two days. This is in addition to the staggered entry which we previously communicated.

The new schedule is as follows:

The remote learning program through our elementary and secondary virtual schools, will begin on September 14th.  

All Elementary and Secondary Schools: 

Once students return to school on their designated start date, they will continue to attend school every day after that.

Tuesday, September 8 and Wednesday, September 9: No students at school, school reorganizing and staff training
Thursday, September 10: Senior Kindergarten to Grade 3 only, Grade 9 Only - Orientation
Friday, September 11: Grade 4-6 (as well as Kindergarten to Grade 3), Grade 10 (as well as Grade 9)
Monday, September 14: Remote Learning, Grade 7 and 8 (as well as Kindergarten to Grade 6), Grade 11 and 12 (as well as Grade 9 and 10).
School Specific Staggered Start: Junior Kindergarten students will be contacted directly by the school about a start date.

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Return to School Highlights 

  • Our plan is based on the very best advice of public health officials 

  • Many students do better at school in class with their teacher and peers 

  • We are prepared for schools to reopen

  • Many enhanced health and safety measures are in place

  • There is a protocol to quickly identify and isolate cases of COVID-19 in schools 

  • We are committed to open, honest and timely communication

  • Remote learning will mirror in-class learning as much as possible

  • Remote learning students will only be able to re-enter in-class learning at designated points in the school year  

  • We are all in this together - leadership, staff, parents and students all have to do their part 

  • We are flexible and responsive - we will make changes as needed as the situation evolves