Who ensures that my child gets on the bus and gets off at the right stop at the end of the day? Who helps my child get off the bus and to the right classroom at school?

Your child’s safety and learning are our priorities. Below are information and tips to prepare your child for riding the bus to and from school.
  • We know that some students are nervous about riding the bus. That's why the Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium (SCSTC) developed the First Rider Program - a free program offered in August of each year to help students feel comfortable about riding the bus for the first time. Your child will learn bus safety and even ride a real school bus, all before the first day of school.

  • Bus stop locations, bus route number and scheduled times for bus arrival and pick-up will be provided before the first day of school.

  • Arrive at least five minutes before the scheduled arrival.

  • Explain to your child that once at school, a trusted person will take them to the Kindergarten area.

  • Be sure that you or a caregiver is always at the bus stop to greet your child at the end of the day. If the parent/caregiver is not at the stop for drop off, the bus driver will contact the bus consortium who will then contact the parent and school. The child will be returned to the school for the parent/caregiver to ensure the safety of their child.

  • Parents/guardians and students should familiarize themselves with their transportation arrangements prior to the start of the school year. 

The bus tag is designed to assist school staff in placing Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and other school identified students on the correct school vehicle at the end of the school day. It also indicates the student’s P.M. stop location and acts as a visual reminder for the school vehicle driver that the student must be met by a parent or guardian.For general information regarding home-to-school transportation please review the SCSTC Home-to-School Transportation Information Pamphlet 

Check the SCSTC's website at simcoecountyschoolbus.ca for a wealth of information, including dates, locations and times of the First Rider Program.

What happens if my child has an accident?

Accidents such as outdoor messes and toileting issues may occur at some point in the school year. We ask that you provide your child with a change of clothes that would be seasonally appropriate in a Ziploc storage bag that may be stored in the classroom. If your child soils his or her clothing due to any unforeseen accident, the child will be able to change into the spare clothing and the soiled clothes will be placed in the storage bag and returned home with your child along with some communication about the incident. Parents will be contacted by the school if the student is injured at school/recess beyond small accidents such as bumps and scrapes.

I'm very concerned about my child walking 15 minutes to school in winter time, since she is unable to take the bus. Is there another alternative? Why is it expected for a kindergartener to walk 1.5 kms?

Transportation is not provided by the Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium (SCSTC) if you live less than 1.6 km from your school. Parents/guardians of students within the designated walk distances are responsible for the safe arrival of their student to school.

What is the protocol for a child who's before and after school care requires a bus, but their home address is within walking distance?

For schools in our board, transportation is coordinated by the Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium (SCSTC) and is provided for students who live further than 1.6 kilometers from their school. To confirm if you are eligible for transportation, click here and enter your primary address. Parents can apply through the school to request any modification to their children’s transportation.

What can we as parents do to help transition kids with the new rules? Will you provide the rules to parents before they start so we at home can help as much as we can.

Please see our brief videos that may help with any questions you may have about preparing your child for Kindergarten!