Pupil Accommodation Review

Our Lady of Mercy Pupil Accommodation Review

A Pupil Accommodation Review has been initiated for Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School
in Honey Harbour. Information pertaining to this review can be found at the Our Lady of Mercy PAR Review section of this website.

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Pupil Accommodation Review Policy Update -2015

We are currently in the midst of updating our Pupil Accommodation Review policy and procedure. Please see below for the draft policy and procedure.
Pupil Accommodation Review Policy and Procedure
Ministry of Education's Guide to Pupil Accommodation Reviews

Ministry of Education Guidelines
Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines - March 2015
Administrative Review of Accommodation Review Process

What is a Pupil Accommodation Review?

A Pupil Accommodation Review is a formal process, following Ministry of Education guidelines, which helps us evaluate and review how we accommodate students in our schools. This process assists us with planning so that we can best meet the needs of our students and parents now and in the future.  

Involvement from members of the community is a critical part of the review process. We encourage those who are interested in this process to visit this section of our website often to get the latest updates and to find out about opportunities for public consultation.

North Barrie Area Elementary School
Accommodation Review - 2011/2012

The accommodation review for the North Barrie area is complete. Schools in this area include St. Monica's Catholic School, Monsignor Clair Catholic School, Sister Catherine Donnelly Catholic School, St. Margeurite d'Youville Catholic School, St. Mary's Catholic School and The Good Shepherd Catholic School.

Georgian West Area Elementary School
Accommodation Review - 2009/2010

The accommodation review for the Georgian West area is complete. Schools in this area include Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School, St. Mary's Catholic School Collingwood, St. Noel Chabanel Catholic School, Our Lady of Grace Catholic School and Prince of Peace Catholic School.

Orillia Area Elementary School
Accommodation Review - 2008/2009

The accommodation review for the Orillia area is complete. Schools in this area include Guardian Angels Catholic School, Foley Catholic School, Notre Dame Catholic School, Monsignor Lee Catholic School and St. Bernard's Catholic School.