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Winter Semi-Formal

Winter Semi-Formal
Posted on 12/04/2018
Great decor at SJO Semi Formal
the box office the hall of fame Hollywood glamour everyone pitches in

Written by Shaunacy Barron and Brady Lorenz, Student Journalists

Some high school events are not to be missed and the semi-formal at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Barrie is definitely one of them! It gives students a chance to unwind from school work, dress up, and spend time dancing the night away. Nothing is more fun than a school dance! This year’s semi-formal featured detailed decor designed by talented student and teacher volunteers, coordinated by the dedicated and hard working Student Council.

While helping out with the last minute details, I took the time to inquire Council members about all the work and planning that goes into the event.

Marco B. in Grade 11 replied, “A lot of work goes into our semi-formal. We thought of our theme early in September. Student Council meets every Monday, but we’ve been taking time out of classes if available or if we have a spare period to really get to work.”

“The theme this year is ‘The Golden Premier’ or ‘old Hollywood’. Student Council arranges a meeting where we all brainstorm and pitch ideas. We had been looking through Pinterest boards, which helped out greatly with ideas for the decorations and the theme in general,” added Emma G., a student in Grade 11.

The dance was lots of fun and was a huge success. It just goes to show how teamwork and creativity can come together to make a great night of dancing and good memories for everyone at St. Joe’s.