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Greenhouse Finally Gets Green

Greenhouse Finally Gets Green
Posted on 06/10/2019

The greenhouse that was originally built at Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Bradford hasn’t seen a shade of green in over 25 years. Instead of beautiful flowers, plants and vegetables, the space has served as host to old desks, chairs and supplies.

But last fall, a team of teachers and students from the Tiger Green Team and the Social Justice Committee assembled to revamp the room. With a $550 grant from Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) they bought fans, a watering system, seeds, and planters, and received additional donations from local businesses and families.

The team worked to clean up the space over the winter. Facilities Services came in to replace the burned out grow lights and got the mechanical windows and shade operational. After many hours of work and dedication, they had the materials and seeds to start growing just after Easter.

Now in June, the space is flourishing with fresh herbs, tomatoes, peppers and other delicious produce that the Holy Trinity hospitality program is anxiously waiting to use. And after this past week, the greenhouse project will be expanding even more. The Green House Team were invited to the annual LSF gala dinner and did a presentation on the restoration which landed them the grand prize - $3,000 to continue their sustainability project. The money will be used to develop a Biblical garden, make improvements to the greenhouse and possibly establish a vegetable garden outdoors.

We can’t wait to see how this amazing project will evolve and what kinds of gourmet meals the hospitality program will create with the freshest ingredients grown right down the hall.