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Clearing Away the Cobwebs

Clearing Away the Cobwebs
Posted on 03/05/2019
After a particularly treacherous few weeks of winter weather, it finally feels like the countdown to spring can begin! Eager to welcome the activities that come with mild temperatures, many have begun to clear away the winter cobwebs in preparation for some real spring-cleaning. For students at Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Bradford, those cobwebs are real!

The Social Justice Committee has been working diligently at cleaning the school’s greenhouse which has not been in use for several years. With the school’s greenhouse back in operation, they hope to contribute to a positive environmental change locally by bringing awareness of fairness, equity and human rights. 

A huge factor in the success of this project was fostering a connection with Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF). LSF is a non-profit Canadian organization that works with educators, students, parents and other community members to promote skills and values that are essential to a sustainable future. 

Thanks in large part to a grant from LSF, achieving Holy Trinity’s spring goal is a cleared cobweb away! They are closer than ever to restoring the greenhouse back to its original state - suitable for housing various living organisms, and for classroom learning.

We are very proud of what our students are working hard to achieve, and thank Holy Trinity’s Julie Fabiano for making us aware of this great effort!

Check out Learning for a Sustainable Future to learn more about their initiatives.