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A Day in the Life of the Holy Trinity Mascot

A Day in the Life of the Holy Trinity Mascot
Posted on 04/29/2019
HTR MascotWritten by Jamie White, Student Journalist

A school is not complete without its mascot. It is the physical representation of the passion, spirit, energy, and strength of the entire school. Mascots bring the team and the fans together. However, it is the enthusiasm of the person inside the suit that brings the school luck.

Twister the Tiger is Holy Trinity’s adored mascot. He always generates spirit for the school and the teams. Twister participates in obstacle courses, pokes fun at the teachers - which always gives the students a laugh, dances in front of everyone, and throws out goodies, spirit wear and accessories. He also welcomes the Grade 8 students preparing to enter high school at their orientation day.

However, being the mascot comes with some less desirable aspects as well. Grade nines pull and poke your tail. Students swarm you to get prizes. You have reduced vision because of the massive head. You trip over your huge paws. It is not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to being Twister, but the satisfaction one receives from being the symbol of spirit at Holy Trinity makes all the annoying aspects totally worth it!