SWAC Student Finds Success in New Environment

SWAC Student Finds Success in New Environment
Posted on 10/23/2020

18-year-old Jade Moreau admits that she performed horribly in high school, skipping class and giving up on her studies in part because of her mental health.  Now she is focused on a nursing career with confidence.  The dual credit program at Georgian College has made the difference.

Last academic year, while a student at St Joan of Arc in Barrie, Jade took two dual credits, college courses delivered to secondary students who face barriers towards graduation. This September she joined one of three sections of the School within a College (SWAC) program on the Barrie campus.  SWAC is an alternative school where students take college and secondary credits in a small class with supports to help them succeed. 

“Dual credit was really great, refreshing as I’d never been to college before,” Jade says.  “I found the work well laid out, and it was easy to talk to my professor about any issues.”

Jade has four courses to complete to gain her high school diploma.  Through independent study, she already has one credit finished with an eye on graduating in January.  

“I’m determined to graduate this semester with the best marks I can get,” she says. “I really like the small class size with SWAC. The teacher has time to help and she is very supportive and cheery.  This new environment gave me the chance to be someone else and not have others define who I am.  I have a clean slate. It is motivating me to be someone better. ”

Jade’s plans include starting the Pre-Health program at Georgian College this fall, then going on to a Nursing degree with plans to work in psychiatric care.  Through dual credit, she will already have three general education credits on her transcript and a solid understanding of college expectations and processes. 

Written by Michelle Rao at Georgian College in Barrie