A Cold Dip for Youth Mental Health

A Cold Dip for Youth Mental Health
Posted on 12/04/2019
Sunset PointWritten by Joey Lapp, Student Journalist

Mental health is an important aspect of our lives. This is true for all ages, young and old. At Sunset Point in Collingwood and other places around Canada an event called Brainfreeze raises money and awareness for youth mental health initiatives. Brainfreeze was an event originally initiated by Surf The Greats and Jack.org. Brainfreeze fundraises for the Jack.org youth mental health programs. On November 30th at 10:00 a.m. participants of all ages bravely jumped into frigid waters all across Canada.

At Jean Vanier Catholic High School in Collingwood the team event was organized by Mrs. Funston. The team was a collaboration between Jean Vanier Catholic High School and Collingwood Collegiate Institute. Participants of the event were asked to raise $100 dollars. 100% of those funds went towards the Jack.org programs. The team set an original goal of $500 and raised over $2000.

Brainfreeze 2019 took place in Collingwood, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax. The cities fundraised a combined amount of $140 000 for youth mental health, doubling the goal. The funds goes back into the cities’ community and goes towards resources for the youth.

Brainfreeze is a great way to bring together a community and raise awareness and money for youth mental health. The Jack.org can help many young people struggling with mental health to get support that they need.

This event was only possible through the collaboration of the community. With over 95 teams and 550 participants, Brainfreeze is bound to grow and raise even more awareness for youth mental health. To learn more about the event and its’ future you can visit jack.org/brainfreeze.