Fire Alarm Newsletter
Published on Nov 20, 2019 14:40

Greetings International Languages Families and Students of both our Bradford and Barrie Locations.

Our International Languages Program in Barrie at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School experienced our first Fire Alarm Evacuation this past Saturday November 16th, 2019.
Thank you to all our instructors, students and families in Barrie as the evacuation went perfectly.  Teachers do practice evacuations with the students and students did exit the building in an orderly fashion.  This being said we need to remind families, students must have indoor shoes!  Winter boots stay in the hallway and a pair of shoes for the classroom.  Whenever there is an alarm in a school, everyone must evacuate and there is no time to stop and put boots on.
Parents, please review fire alarm practices with your children.  Although this was a false alarm, the fire department did have to attend the alarm therefore being taken away from potential real alarms and emergencies.
Thank you 
Denise Tinney, Principal of Continuing & Community Education
Christine Mink-Hiles
Coordinator of Continuing & Community Education, International Languages Programs