International Languages and the Classroom
Published on Nov 14, 2019 10:32

Greetings ILP Families
-Reminders regarding winter boots and clothing.  When dropping off your child(ren) please leave winter boots in the hallway outside of their classroom.  Make sure children have indoor shoes!  If we have to evacuate the school there will not be time to put on boots.  Coats can be hung on their chairs.
-We would also like to remind children that behaviour in the classrooms is the same expectations as a regular day school class.  Instructors are only with your children for 2 and a half hours and would like to dedicate this time for learning.  Please remind your child(ren)  that they need to have proper classroom behaviour.
-Mark your calendars that Sat. December 7th is our Christmas Concert(s). More Info will come.
Thank you