Question Six is a Good One

Question Six is a Good One
Posted on 09/20/2021
Voting photoImagine having the opportunity to ask each of our national party leaders a question, and having them answer that question directly. Ava B., a Grade 6 student at Notre Dame Catholic School in Orillia, was given that chance as part of her social studies class unit on government.

CIVIX is an organization that facilitates the Student Vote program. Student Vote (in collaboration with Elections Canada) is a learning program that provides students with the opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and practice the habits of active and informed citizenship.

Ava submitted a question to our federal leaders and her question was chosen, among the thousands of submissions received from across the country. Follow this link to hear Ava’s question (#6), and the response of each party leader.

More about the Student Vote program:

The Student Vote program is open to any elementary, middle or high school and there is no cost to participate. Schools are supplied with print and online pedagogical materials, posters and election supplies. The resources are targeted at grades 4 to 12, and the materials are available in both English and French. The activities are intended to inform students about government and the electoral process, enhance information literacy skills, encourage research into the candidates and issues, and foster dialogue among students and their families.

Student Vote helps foster the characteristics of young voters, including enhanced civic literacy, increased political interest and discussion, and a greater intention to vote when they turn 18.