Mental Health and Well Being

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Focusing on Mental Health and Well-Being

We know that school is going to look different this year, but we want to assure you that we will continue to do everything we can to provide our students with the mental health and well-being support they need.

Below are some of the ways we will help support your children, as well as resources to help you along the way.

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Mental health and well-being is our priority

We know that students who feel safe and comfortable in their classroom setting will thrive academically, socially and emotionally. Our overall commitment is to enhance and protect the mental health and well-being of our students.


We lead with compassion and empathy

  • Students will return to school and will have had a wide range of experiences from the past six months due to the pandemic and resulting school closures.  

  • We understand that parents have many worries as their children return to school.  

  • We also know there will be an added impact for students who may have experienced systemic racism.  

  • The unique story of each student will impact how they transition back to school.

  • We want to encourage and reassure our students by using best practices and strategies for behavioural and emotional self-regulation to promote positive mental health and emotional well-being. 

  • A key concept for all of us will be that of “stewardship” which encourages each of us to carefully and responsibly manage ourselves as well as those entrusted to our care. We turn stewardship inwards when we practice self-compassion and self-care and outwards when we honour the experiences and validate the emotions of others. 

Schools are an excellent place to promote student mental health and well-being

  • We are excited to welcome back our students and staff into our schools. 

  • We know that schools provide many opportunities for children and teens to build positive social-emotional skills, to learn and practice self-care, to reduce stigma, to build skills of resilience and problem-solving and to develop empathy towards others.

We have a strong mental health and well-being foundation to build on

  • We will continue to invest in the mental health of our students.  

  • We have experienced mental health staff consisting of Psychologists and School Counsellors who provide a range of services including consultation with school staff and parents, counselling for students as well as psychological assessments.  

  • We also liaise with, and make referrals to, community-based resources.  

  • We understand that many students may experience elevated anxiety and difficulties adjusting as we return to school this year. Educators provide emotional support to students 

  • Counselling services will be available by our mental health staff in person or virtually as appropriate, with clear referral processes In place.

Our children are experiencing a range of emotions

  • The collective rates of stress and anxiety have risen in the past six months and the impacts continue to be felt by many including the loss of normal social interactions.  

  • All children and teens return to school each year feeling both excitement and some anxiety. However this year more than any other, students may be returning to school with a range of emotions.  

  • It is important that we recognize and validate the feelings of our children and teens. 

  • As adults we do our best to pause and choose responses that are supportive and help our children to build effective community connections with peers and adults to promote important life skills.

  •  This can be challenging to do when we may be stressed also. We encourage parents to view our parent videos to learn more about ways to understand and support children with big emotions.

We need to work together

  • There are still numerous questions we are working through as we prepare to welcome our students back.  

  • All students, teachers, support staff, administrators, system leaders, school mental health professionals, parents/families and community partners have a shared responsibility to prepare and support one another as we return to school.  

  • Let’s continue to demonstrate our faith as we work collaboratively to build strong school communities and support the mental health and well-being of our students.