Rooted in Faith, Hope, Compassion and Inclusion

“You're off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!" (Dr. Seuss)

As we prepare to head back to school this year, there are many important details that we are focussing on—details about health and safety, about staffing, facilities, transportation and supplies. For us as a Catholic school board, however, our primary frame of reference is always the values that inspire who we are and what we do. Four values in particular are guiding us as we begin this September:


Our belief in God is at the heart of our school system. We know that God is always with us (especially in times like these), calling us to love Him and love others, as we live out the Gospel teachings of Jesus. Through prayer, community and the sacraments, we root ourselves each day in our Catholic Christian way of life, making our schools places of welcome, celebration and relationship.


In confusing and difficult times, we look to Jesus as the source of our hope. The new life He reveals helps us look forward with eagerness and trust, confident that the future holds blessings and joy. Our faith keeps us from becoming discouraged as we journey with Jesus toward a promising (but unknown) future. It reminds that we are builders of that future, through our daily choices and actions, and through the support we offer each other.


As Christians, we try to be sensitive to the needs and difficulties of those who struggle in our communities and our world, to offer them our friendship and kindness, and to do whatever we can to help them. We open our eyes and hearts to the painful situations of our world, responding with generosity and concern, and seeking to create a more loving and supportive society, where everyone is cared for.



God’s family embraces everyone, without exception! All of the characteristics that make us special and different as individuals, including our physical abilities and cultures, our languages, identities and family backgrounds, enrich our school communities. We seek to ensure that every student feels welcomed, valued and supported, and has the tools and opportunities to excel in their own unique way.

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” (Christopher Reeve)