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“Every good tree bears good fruit … A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit … It is by their fruits that you will know them.” (From Matthew Chapter 7)


This year, we are continuing to reflect on the theme of “Called To BE Our Story”—and we will look at it from some new angles that highlight important aspects of our Board’s work.


Our founding story is the story told in the Bible—and we are reminded that it begins with the story of God’s Creation. Our story is the story of our planet, and of the entire universe around us, and so “BEING our story” calls us to stewardship and care for the environment—what Pope Francis calls “our common home”. How can we, as believers, show respect and care for this world, in all its beauty, variety and richness? What are we being called to do?


Our story in this part of North America is the story of centuries of encounter and relationship between European settlers and the First Nations who had lived here for thousands of years. Today, our Church calls us to recognize both the light and the darkness of those encounters, and to build bridges of respect, understanding and reconciliation with First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities. Being our story calls us to learn accurately about that history, and asks us to make our own contribution to healing and renewal.


And our story is the story of the whole human family—all our brothers and sisters. It invites us to celebrate the beautiful ethnic and cultural diversity of Canada, which continues to grow in our region with each passing year. Being our story involves appreciating and welcoming the richness of the human family, and celebrating the ways in which our world is becoming smaller and smaller … recognizing that “the world” is now in our own neighbourhoods (and that we are increasingly in THEIRS!)


Let us do our best to “bear good fruit” this year as we live out our faith, through our care for creation, our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, and our celebration of the diversity that is one of Canada’s greatest strengths.