Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)

The EQAO is an independent agency that gathers information about student achievement through annual province-wide assessments of students. Working with schools, the EQAO conducts testing at the primary, junior and secondary levels to measure student achievement, against curriculum expectations as set by the Ministry of Education. The results are widely used as a tool to guide improvements in education at the individual, school and provincial levels.

Province wide assessments include:

    * Grade 3 Assessment in Reading, Writing and Mathematics
    * Grade 6 Assessment in Reading, Writing and Mathematics
    * Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics
    * Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

Testing results are reported publicly by our Board and by EQAO. We will use the results along with other information on your child’s learning and performance, to determine the steps that need to be taken to ensure your child’s success in school. The information also helps us to improve the instructional strategies we use to we teach your child.

Visit the EQAO web site for some excellent resource information geared toward parents.