Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Research shows that the use of certain tools can enhance students’ access to the curriculum and enable them to be successful in their studies.

Assistive technology are powerful tools that can help support our students. They may help to increase, maintain, or improve the abilities of a student with special learning needs.

What kinds of technology tools are available to assist my child?

There are a variety of tools available to aid in learning. Most are licensed by the Ministry of Education and are available for use in all classrooms including:

  • Word processing
  • Spelling and grammar checks
  • Thesaurus
  • Graphic organizers
  • Spreadsheets and databases
  • Publishing software
  • Multimedia
  • Presentation software
  • Tools for organizing information
  • Reading supports
  • Writing aids, etc.

The key is to understand the needs of the student, build on individual strengths, gain motivation, engage the learner and increase learning.